Rent your Symphony Breastpump from Medela UK. Hospital Grade, number 1 choice for hospitals and midwives, as used in 94% of UK maternity hospitals.

Symphony Rental

The symphony hospital grade breastpump gives the necessary support to mothers when not enough or too much milk is produced, when the nipples are sore, when you have a premature baby, multiple births or just when you want to give your baby the best.
  • Ideal for frequent pumping
  • More milk in less time
  • Quiet and easy to operate

The 2 phase Expression Technology mimics the way the baby sucks when breastfeeding.

Phase 1 Stimulation Phase just like a baby who initially sucks rapidly which encourages the let down reflex.
Phase 2 Expression Phase pump automatically moves to a slower speed after two minutes allowing you to express your milk.

The unique combination of rapid stimulation and slower expression makes pumping gentle, comfortable and efficient.

The symphony includes 2 x pumpsets with 24mm breastshields. Other shields are available in 21mm, 27mm, 30mm and 36mm.